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who is ayanna pressley 18

Biography of Ayanna Pressly

Ayanna Pressley is an American politician and Boston City Councilor in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the first woman of color elected to the council in 108 years of its history. She is the 2018 Democratic nominee for the 7th Massachusetts Congressional District and defeated Michael Capuano. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressli is a lawyer, politician, activist and survivor. On November 6, 2018, Congresswoman Pressley was elected to represent the 7th Massachusetts Electoral District in the United States…

Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican who regularly appears in polls as one of the most prominent U.S. governors, is expected to be re-elected..

Pressley was endorsed by The Boston Globe and the local branch of the hotel and electricity workers union, and grassroots movements including Democracy for America, the New Congress, and the Democrats of Justice supported Pressley. She received support from former Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John E. Walsh, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy, former Newton Mayor Setty Warren and Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu. Winning nomination in 14th district of New York Congress in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over longtime spokesman Joseph Crowley boosts Pressly campaign visibility..

Ayanna Pressly’s personal life

While some political commentators singled out the Pressly campaign from Ocasio-Cortez because Capuano was believed to hold one of the most progressive records in Congress, the two presidents represented districts in which the majority of voters were not white. Pressley is the first African-American woman elected to represent Massachusetts in Congress. The victory of Jahana Hayes election in November in the 5th round of Congress in Connecticut made them the first women of color to be elected to Congress by New England..

In the Nov. 6 general election, Democrats will have to elect 23 House seats and two Senate seats across the country to win a majority that will allow them to oppose Republican President Donald Trump’s agenda. Polls and political observers predict that nine state seats in the House of Representatives will remain in the hands of Democrats, along with a seat held by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading progressive voice often cited as a potential contender for the White House. in 2020…

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